All users have the ability to sync/subscribe to their Passport for Good calendar to any calendar service that subscribes via URL (Google, Outlook and iCloud to name a few...)! For administrators, you can sync your group events! 

This is a sync/subscription from Passport for Good to your personal calendar service. You can not add events to this calendar and have them appear in Passport for Good.

Syncing/Subscribing to a calendar via URL on a computer or laptop is the best way.  

  • Why on a computer? It can be tricky as you have to copy and paste URLs in to specific locations in your calendar service.
  • Why via URL? If there are changes from Passport for Good, they will update your personal calendar! 

To start, you'll need the Passport for Good Sync URL. To get this: 

  1. Go to your calendar (or event table for admins).
  2. In the top right corner of the calendar (or events table for admins), click Options.
  3. Hover over Sync Calendar. DON'T CLICK.
    1. Clicking will download the ics file. You don't want this. 
  4. Right-click Sync Calendar.
  5. Select Copy Link Address (Mac verbiage may vary).
  6. Once the Link (or URL) is copied, follow the instructions below based on what type of Calendar you would like to sync with: 
    1. Google - Web
    2. Outlook - Web
    3. Mac - Web
    4. Don't see your calendar service? Google Search "Subscribe to calendar via URL using [InsertCalendarService]" or down vote this article and let us know what calendar you have and we'll add the instructions!

NOTE: It may take more than 12 hours for a change in Passport for Good to appear in your synced/subscribed calendar. This is a restriction from the calendar services. The P4G team can not assist with this.

It is always best to check in P4G the day of the event to ensure there have not been any time changes that may not have synced with your calendar.

Here's a GIF that shows how to get your Sync/Subscription URL and add it as a Google Calendar as an example: