When an event has been created with Record Attendance checked, this allows administrators to take attendance during the event, rather than approving individual hour submissions via the Admin Console on the web. 

Recording attendance automatically adds and approves the duration of the event to the member's hour count. If the event is 1 hour, each member will receive 1 hour on their passport. If the event is 5 hours, each member will receive 5 hours.  

NOTE: In order to record attendance, when creating the event select the checkbox Record Attendance.   

To record attendance at group and section events: 

  1. Go to the Group or Section Dashboard that owns the event. 
    1. For Group Dashboard, click on the Group Name > Dashboard. 
    2. For the Section Dashboard, click on the Group Name > Dashboard > Active Section Name (i.e. 2019 - 2020).
  2. In the Events table, click on the event that you are taking attendance for.
  3. On the event details page, click the green Record Attendance button for the applicable section.
    1. Alternatively, you can use the Attendance Claim QR code to record attendance by displaying the QR code and having students scan the image with their phones to automatically give them stamped hours.
  4. Select the checkbox next to the names of those members that attended the event. 
  5. Once complete, click Done.